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One spouse is required to pay an amount to another during and after a divorce.

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Child Custody

After a divorce or separation, a court will determine a proper parenting plan for timesharing of any minor children.

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Child Support

The payment by one spouse to the other for the assistance in raising a child or children.

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When contemplating a dissolution of marriage, there are two types of divorce known as uncontested and contested.

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Domestic Violence

A situation involving assault, stalking, and many other crimes against a family member as spousal support.

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Enforcing Court Orders

After a final judgment, some parties may refuse or fail to abide by the terms set forth therein. Our lawyers can help.

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After a divorce, changes may occur which could require a petition to modify a final judgment.

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A legal process to establish the father of a child. It is necessary when a child is born out of wedlock. A father or mother can file a Petition.

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Property Division

During a divorce, the parties divide property acquired during the marriage.

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When a custodial parent is requesting to relocate, it is important to abide by Florida statutes as well as court orders.

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Temporary Support & Relief

While a divorce case is pending, it is possible to receive temporary support, time sharing, attorney fees as well as other relief from your spouse.

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