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Rebuild Your Life After Bankruptcy

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Rebuild Your Life After Bankruptcy

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Jacksonville’s Leading Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, and Family Law Firm

Don’t JUST file bankruptcy!

Getting rid of debts only solves half the problem, but restoring your good credit will change your life.

Likewise, breaking the cycle of bad credit means paying less for the things you need.

Things like car and house payments are lower when you have good credit.

Our holistic approach to your situation is unlike other law firms and is the best solution for building your future.

We help you rebuild your credit after bankruptcy or foreclosure through our proven credit restoration program.

Our expert Jacksonville, Florida bankruptcy attorneys will help you answer questions such as:

Should I file bankruptcy?

You should file if you cannot pay your bills as they come due.

A bankruptcy case relieves your economic distress by eliminating or reorganizing debt, such as credit cards, medical bills, home and car payments.

As well as:

What are the different types of bankruptcy?

Individuals and corporations file Chapter 7 to eliminate most debt. Individuals restructure debt payments in Chapter 13 while corporations file under Chapter 11 to restructure secured and unsecured debts.

The lawyers of Parker & DuFresne have dedicated their practice to you.

As one of Jacksonville’s most awarded bankruptcy law firms, we believe that our clients deserve the highest quality services.

Whether bankruptcy, foreclosures, family law, consumer protection, personal injury, or credit rebuilding, our North Florida bankruptcy attorneys stand by you through it all.

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Rebuild Your Life After Bankruptcy

Get FREE information on rebuilding your credit.

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Parker & DuFresne's bankruptcy law firm delivered services that brought this woman relief.

Relief for You

Accidents, illness, divorce, or bad investments can leave anyone swimming in financial debt. We have filed bankruptcies for surgeons, lawyers, home builders, a nuclear pharmacist, a two-star general and even a bank president.

Anyone can be thrown into chaos by an unexpected life event.

You deserve a law firm that will work to end collection efforts, wage garnishments, and foreclosures quickly. Our law firm knows that it is about you and your life.

Practice Areas

Rebuilding Your Finances

We provide our clients all the tools to regain financial freedom.

Our team offers a credit rebuilding service that is free to all clients that choose us for their needs. We know that every client’s case is unique and requires a tailored approach.

We aren’t just getting rid of your debt; our team is working to rebuild your financial future.

Our Credit Rebuilding Program
Parker & DuFresne's bankruptcy law firm helped this gentleman restore his finances.
Parker & DuFresne's bankruptcy law firm helped this woman restore her life.

Restoring Your Life After Bankruptcy