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The personal injury attorneys at Parker & DuFresne started representing injury and accident victims more than 25 years ago, litigating hundreds of cases in state and Federal court. We are the sword and shield in the fight against powerful corporations and insurance companies on behalf of victims and their families. When you or a loved one is injured, life dramatically changes in so many ways, from the physical and emotional pain to the stress of not being able to meet financial obligations. Personal injuries frequently lead to bankruptcy or divorce. Victims must act quickly to regain stability in their lives and entrusting their situation to our experienced and professional team is a big step in the right direction.

What is Personal Injury?

People usually think of personal injuries as “auto accidents,” but injuries occur in all sorts of situations involving the negligence of others – from an unsafe condition on someone’s property (such as a slip and fall) to a defective product (such as a negligent or dangerous design) to the negligent care of another (such as a daycare injury). People suffer injuries through the reckless or intentional conduct of others (such as a sexual assault or nursing home abuse). Regarding automobile accidents, there are negligence claims involving individuals, from fender-benders to massive collisions, and there are accidents involving semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles. There are even reckless or intentional collisions, usually but not always involving DUI. Due to the number of ways an injury can occur, it’s essential to work with an experienced personal injury attorney who handles your type of case.

The Problem

With almost any injury claim, there is an insurance company representing the at-fault party (known as the tortfeasor). Insurance companies are for-profit businesses whose primary job is to maximize their shareholders’ wealth. They do this by denying claims and playing “hardball” with injured victims. Insurance companies rely on our fundamental human flaw, which is truth bias. In other words, people are way too trustworthy, and insurance companies realize this. They use our trusting nature to get information from us and provide us with questionable assistance. However, truth bias disappears as we come to know the speaker. As a result, insurance companies dislike personal injury attorneys. Injury lawyers communicate with insurance companies and their lawyers a lot. We have come to learn the inherently deceptive nature of the insurance industry. Therefore, it’s so important to consult with your lawyer and his team as soon as possible. However, the individual victim does not always have immediate access to an experienced attorney. Likewise, selecting a lawyer can feel like spinning a wheel of chance. The injury and accident lawyers at Parker & DuFresne have represented people and co-counseled with lawyers throughout the State of Florida and across the country.

Recovering with Parker and DuFresne

You can reach out to us 24/7 through our interactive chat feature. We will always promptly return your call. At Parker & DuFresne, you’ll get assistance and resources of big personal injury firms without feeling like just another case. We are as dedicated to you as any member of our own family. Call us or chat with us right now and find out what a difference we can make for you. Contact us today to discuss your rights with our injury attorney.

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