Temporary Relief in Jacksonville Divorces

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During a divorce, situations arise that affect your finances and your life in general.

Temporary relief in Florida divorces allows for either party may request temporary visitation, custody, child support, spousal support, and attorney’s fees.

Parker & DuFresne represents numerous North Florida families through multiple cases requesting temporary support.

Temporary support is not something that you can determine on your own. It is vital to speak with an experienced attorney who will be able to resolve the issues.

Emergency issues during a divorce can derail your life as well as the case.

Receiving this relief could prove essential in continuing forward and being able to live your life.

There are situations where relief can clear up any questions about the rights and responsibilities of the parties.

Our attorneys can work with you to resolve any issues that arise during any divorce case.

Freezing Assets

This process can stop or prevent your spouse from spending or hiding any marital assets during the divorce, whether they be IRA or retirement accounts, pension payments, bank accounts, or even business assets.


You may face difficulties with your finances during the divorce process. Your spouse could provide support in the form of temporary alimony until the case is complete.

Child Support and Custody

If your spouse refuses to contribute to child support during a divorce, temporary support may be necessary. They will be required to pay if the child is under the age of 18. It’s also possible for temporary custody to be granted during child custody disputes.

Domestic Violence

By receiving a domestic violence injunction, you and your children are provided protection, and the abusive spouse may be removed from the residence.

Denial of Passport

During custody disputes, there are situations where one spouse may attempt to take the children out of the state of Florida or even out of the country.

Temporary denial of passport services or temporary orders regarding the removal of minor children can prevent this from occurring.

Costs and Fees

Temporary support can assist you in paying attorney’s fees and litigation expenses accrued during the pending divorce.

If you are not able to afford your attorney fees but your spouse can, the court may order that funds be paid.

This court may also resolve issues concerning health insurance coverage in this manner.

Getting You the Relief You Need When You Need It

With Parker & Dufresne, temporary relief in Florida divorces is closer than expected.

Our talented and experienced lawyers will discuss the aspects of temporary relief and support while finding out the details of the opposing party’s income, assets, and abilities to contribute.

Contact us for a free and confidential consultation to discuss the possibility of temporary support and relief as well as all issues during a divorce proceeding.

We serve clients in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.

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