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Divorce is the result of the fact that some marriages are simply not successful regardless of how the spouses approach it.

In these situations, divorce is the right action.

Florida is a “no-fault” state for purposes of a dissolution of marriage, which means that the parties involved do not need to prove any grounds for divorce, but allege irreconcilable differences or that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

Parker & DuFresne understands that this process is difficult for both parties, which is why our attorneys specialize in this area of family law.

If you are seeking a divorce lawyer and have resided in the counties of Duval, St. Johns, Clay, or Nassau, our team of attorneys can help you.

Types of Divorce

There are two types of divorce: uncontested and contested. Parker and DuFresne represent clients in either situation.


In situations when both spouses agree on all issues pertaining to the dissolution of marriage, then an uncontested divorce can be accomplished.

That means that a trial will not be necessary and that the settlement between the parties can be entered by the court in short order.

Your family law lawyer will work with you to create a Marital Settlement Agreement that will be presented to the court.

In most divorce cases, this will be accepted by the judge unless the court determines one party is receiving an unfair settlement.

The hearing will be brief and straightforward within a private courtroom.


Often, both spouses do not agree on the terms and issues regarding the divorce.

The disagreement could be related to many issues such as alimony, child custody and visitation, child support, or the valuation and division of family, business debts and/or assets of the marriage.

Steps of a Divorce

The steps of a divorce proceeding can be confusing and last a lengthy period.

Here at Parker & DuFresne, our family law lawyers want to help you understand what you should do.

Step 1

To begin your case, you should consult and hire an attorney that is experienced in divorce cases who can educate and represent you to the best of their abilities.

Our team can assist you if you have been a resident of North Florida for at least six months.

Step 2

After you have filed the paperwork, the other spouse involved is given 20 days to respond.

The financial information of both spouses is needed by the lawyers who will then look over and value the assets and debts.

Step 3

Both parties, along with their lawyers, will discuss the details of the divorce and may attend mediation to attempt to resolve the case.

A hearing with a judge will be scheduled, and based on if the parties agree, the divorce will be granted.

Compassionate and Understanding Divorce Attorneys

Divorces do not have a set period because each case is different based on many factors.

Our family lawyers will assist you through this in the following ways.

  • Filing or responding to divorce petition
  • Obtaining temporary support and relief
  • Receiving child support and alimony
  • Developing a complete parenting plan that assists both parents and children
  • Dividing assets of the marital estate

The family law lawyers at Parker & DuFresne are dedicated to representing you through your divorce and will work for an outcome that works for all those involved.

To learn more about divorce, contact our team for a free and confidential consultation.

We represent clients in the city of Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.

Preparation Instructions

Before your consultation, make sure to collect the past three years of tax returns, pay stubs, insurance and retirement account info. In addition, it will be helpful to list your assets as well.

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