Establish Paternity With The Team Who Makes a Difference

Establishing paternity is a legal process where a man is determined to be a child’s father through a DNA test, consent of the parties or testimony established at a hearing before the court. This action is necessary when a child is born out of wedlock or when parties do not marry before the date of birth of the child. Additionally, the process is needed for a multitude of reasons such as if the father is not listed on the birth certificate or to ensure the father’s timesharing and parental rights as well as to require the payment of child support.

When dealing with paternity cases, it is vital to approach each matter with a level of compassion and respect. Our paternity lawyers at Parker & DuFresne specialize in this area of family law, and we work for the well being of our client to ensure that the best outcome can be achieved.

Reasons to Establish Paternity

To establish paternity, one party must have a valid reason for pursuing this legal process. The following are some of the reasons that are needed for a paternity lawyer to represent you in such cases.

  • Proving the child’s identity or giving the child an identity in the first place
  • Determining the health history for the child’s medical care and any treatment needed
  • Determining if child support is required
  • Determining the proper amount of support
  • Determining any retroactive support if applicable
  • Qualifying for public assistance
  • Receiving Social Security, health insurance, inheritance, or veterans’ benefits
  • Organizing the line of succession for receiving an inheritance from the biological father
  • Allowing the father to pursue custody or gain visitation rights
  • Getting the father’s name placed on the child’s birth certificate
  • Allowing the father to take part in the decision-making process for the child’s medical care, religion, education, etc.
  • Determining the father to establish a medical history for the benefit of the child

Who Can File a Request?

The state of Florida allows a paternity action to be filed by either party, the father or the mother. This will determine visitation rights as well as child support and all other issues pertinent to the minor child. If the situation is a father attempting to establish a relationship with his child, paternity is needed to ensure his rights and responsibilities.

After Paternity is Established

After establishing paternity, the biological father is allowed the same rights that a married father would have. This will also permit the child to have the father as a significant part of his or her life. We want to ensure that all parties’ rights are protected for the utmost benefit of the child’s and parent’s future.

Compassionate Paternity Attorneys

A high-quality paternity lawyer is necessary if you want to determine paternity and our attorneys at Parker & DuFresne can assist you. We help on both sides of cases. Whether you are filing for paternity action as a mother or if you are the subject of such paternity action, we can work with you. It is important that these situations be dealt with in a timely manner.

Our team serves clients in Duval, St. Johns, Clay, and Nassau counties throughout North Florida. We have the best paternity lawyers in the area, and we will represent and protect your interests throughout these trying paternity proceedings. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.