Foreclosure Defense – It’s Your Home—Let Us Help Defend It

Foreclosure defense allows you defend the repossession of one of you most important assets. Your home is one of your most valuable assets, and when you have defaulted on mortgage or homeowner association payments, there is a chance of losing it. Foreclosure is a word that no homeowner wants to hear, but it doesn’t have to be the end. Parker & DuFresne has defended more than 700 foreclosure defense cases, and we have a wealth of experience working to stop foreclosure. With some of the best foreclosure attorneys in Jacksonville and Northern Florida, our team can help solve your most complex foreclosure problems and work toward the best solution. No matter if you are facing wrongful foreclosure, or need to make a loan modification, we can help.

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Foreclosure Explained

What is a foreclosure? When a borrower has defaulted on their mortgage payments, a lender will seek to take possession of the property (“collateral”) to offset any loss. A foreclosure can also occur if a homeowner falls behind in payments to his homeowner association or condominium association. Florida has a unique situation where every foreclosure is a judicial foreclosure, meaning they are controlled entirely by the courts and governed by a set of guidelines. Our experienced foreclosure defense attorneys can help you assess where you are in the process.

Foreclosure Defense

The Foreclosure Defense Process

By falling behind on payments, the lender will begin the process of foreclosure. This is a lengthy process that varies from case to case: