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Your Foreclosure During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

The novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) is having an historical impact on our country. While efforts are being made to stimulate the economy and keep it afloat, many government processes, including property foreclosure, are being modified.

If you are facing a foreclosure on your home, there are some important changes that you should take into consideration. Keep in mind that these events are rapidly evolving. Make sure to visit this page frequently for any potential updates.

If Your Foreclosure is Currently Pending

In the State of Florida, the court system is still open and functioning. However, almost all hearings are being done through telephonic connections rather that inside an actual courtroom. While some hearings are still being conducted, many are being cancelled or postponed.

Therefore, if you have a pending court case, you should continue planning for the hearing unless you receive a notice that it has been suspended or cancelled. We are seeing some cases move forward as usual (telephonically), and we have seen some be cancelled.

Expect your specific case to move forward unless you receive a notice from the court.

In addition, depositions and mediations that are typically performed in face-to-face situations are also being moved to telephonic or video meetings. So, if you have an upcoming deposition or mediation, expect it to also move forward. We will contact you in the case of it being moved to a telephonic meeting.

Federal Government Actions

In recent days, the federal government has released statements indicating that foreclosures and evictions might be suspended. Unfortunately, these press releases and speeches do not clarify which foreclosures might be eligible for suspension – or how the suspensions might last.

We are working to find clarity on this issue, but the executive orders have not yet been made public. Until then, it is advised to expect your case to move forward. When we receive the executive order, we will know more about what cases will be affected and how.

If You Have a Scheduled Sale Date

We have learned that many of the banks have asked the court system to postpone already-scheduled sales. We have seen roughly half of all our scheduled sales postponed.

Please note that if your sale is postponed or cancelled, we will contact you with the information.

As with all other scenarios above, please assume that your sale will move forward as scheduled until or unless you hear from us.

Stay Informed – Information Is Changing Every Day

The attorneys at Parker & DuFresne are focused on staying on top of these quickly-changing situations. Remember that what you hear today may be different tomorrow. Likewise, don’t believe everything you see online or in social media channels.

We will give you the latest verified news and case-specific updates as we receive it and apply it to your individual case.

We understand that you still need to know what is happening with your case, and we are working diligently to stay updated, and keep you updated with accurate, dependable communication.

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