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What Do I Need to Bring to a Bankruptcy Consultation?

Filing for bankruptcy is a very big decision. The effects of this decision are enormous, as is its impact on your life afterward.

So when considering bankruptcy, very few people are ever concerned with the small details. But those small details are highly important. An error in your paperwork, or a failure to document anything, can delay or block your bankruptcy plans altogether.

Nobody wants to be unprepared for a bankruptcy consultation. And if you are considering bankruptcy as an option for yourself, you should know what documentation you will need. This guide will walk you through everything you need to bring to your initial bankruptcy consultation.

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL

A bankruptcy consultation is one of the first steps in filing for bankruptcy. At a consultation, you will review your finances and documentation with a bankruptcy attorney.

Finding a bankruptcy lawyer to help you through the process is very important. In Jacksonville, FL, Parker & Dufrene is one of the region’s most experienced bankruptcy law firms.

A consultation with one of Parker & DuFrene’s lawyers is free, easy, and thorough. Once your schedule your consultation, your attorney will walk you through everything you need to know.

What to Bring to Your Bankruptcy Consultation

Your bankruptcy attorney should advise you of everything you need prior to your consultation. But this can be a hefty amount of paperwork. Tracking everything down beforehand can be time-consuming, and time is of the essence when filing for bankruptcy.

To help save you some time, here is a breakdown of the important documentation you may need for your consultation.

State Issued Photo ID and Social Security Card – First and foremost, the court and your attorney will want to confirm your identity before you file for bankruptcy.

Federal Income Tax Returns for the Previous Three Years – It is generally advised that you keep a record of your tax returns for up to three years for documentation. Filing for bankruptcy is just one reason you may need this documentation. But not everybody knows where their previous year’s tax returns are. If you need a new copy of an old tax return, you can request a copy through the IRS.

Statements for All Bank Accounts for the Previous Six Months – To document all current income and expenses. Note that you will need statements from every account under your name, even if you do not frequently use them.

Employment Pay Stubs for the Previous Six Months – Another form of verification for your recent income. This will also serve as documentation for your employment status as you file for bankruptcy.

Titles and Registration for All Vehicles You Own and Written Payoffs – To document assets and verify any payments that you may or may not owe on your vehicles.

Purchase Contracts, Leases, or Promissory Notes – To document any major assets, like real estate, that you might own.

Any bills, credit card statements, invoices, mortgages, or loans for which you are personally liable – Any documents such as these will be needed to verify your personal debts and creditors. There may be a number of these documents, so it is important to be thorough and not overlook any items.

Deeds and Satisfied Mortgages for Owned Real Estate – To document assets and verify that you owe no debts on certain property.

Additional Documentation

If it is applicable to you, you may need other additional documentation. These include:

Divorce Documents – To verify your marital status, as well as any child support or alimony you may owe (Note that these payments cannot be discharged as part of your bankruptcy filing).

Monthly Statements and Plan Documents for Investments – If you have any stock investments, it will be important to document these as well as part of your filing.

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If you have any other questions about the process of filing for bankruptcy, be sure to contact an attorney or credit counseling service for more information.

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