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What Happens If a Custody Agreement Is Broken?

Splitting up can incite a lot of emotions for all parties involved. When disputes arise an individual may unintentionally break their custody agreement. However, how does one know if they are violating a custody order? A Jacksonville child custody attorney can tell you whether or not you would be violating an agreement.

Frequent Custody Agreement Violations

Here are some common custody agreement violations:

Disregarding Visitation Rights:

A parent might bring back a child at a later time than agreed. This violates visitation rights and can happen whether both or one parent has custody of the child. Regularly disregarding visitation schedules can be grounds to change the custody agreement in many states.

Taking a Child Without the Other Parent’s Knowledge:

Depending on the situation, this kind of action could be constituted as kidnapping. Legally, a missing child is defined as any person under the age of 18 whose location is not known by the legal custodian. If a parent takes a child across state lines, the FBI can become involved. It is important to consult a skilled Jacksonville child custody attorney if your child has been taken without your knowledge by a former spouse.

Criticizing the Other Parent:

Depending on the terms of your agreement, bad-mouthing the other parent to a child may count as a violation. Courts generally frown upon this behavior because it may alienate a child from their parent. If your spouse has been bad-mouthing you, a Jacksonville child custody attorney can help decide what your options are. You may even be able to file for a contempt of court proceeding.

Religious Differences:

In many custody agreements, religion is specified. If a parent brings a child into religious practices contrary to the agreement, this may constitute a violation. Some courts might stop a parent from taking a child to religious services while others might choose not to get involved in the religious activities of a family.

Potential Consequences of Violating a Custody Order

Some parents who violate a custody order might not be aware of the potential consequences. A broken agreement can compromise trust between parents, often to the detriment of any children involved. Laws are different in each state, and a Jacksonville child custody attorney can help you determine what options are best for you in the state of Florida. Parents can even face criminal charges if their agreement is broken – especially if the court deems the parent as a danger to the child involved.

Get Help from a Skilled Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney for Your Case

Your circumstances might make it desirable to change the terms of your custody order. Err on the side of caution and don’t do anything that could lead to unintended consequences. Count on the attorneys at Parker & DuFresne to help you get the best outcome for you and your children. Contact us today or visit one of our offices for a free consultation!

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