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The Second Foreclosure Nightmare Is HERE!

Many homeowners who lost their homes to foreclosure years ago may be wondering if they are living another nightmare. As the Palm Beach Post reported, Texas Debt Buyer Dyck O’Neal is now suing many former homeowners. Dyck O’Neal has filed thousands of lawsuits throughout Florida seeking to collect on the loan balance left after the sale of the home.

Why now? Florida law changed last year giving banks or companies seeking to collect deficiencies on foreclosures only one year. The law had previously allowed five years to collect. Many banks and companies filed the collection lawsuits to protect their claims.

If a debt collector seeking to collect the deficiency balance on your foreclosed home has sued you, don’t delay. Contact an attorney immediately to discuss your options. A deficiency judgment may place in jeopardy your wages and your assets. At Parker & DuFresne, P.A. we have the experience to assist you. Call us at (904) 733-7766.

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