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Have You Been Sued by Dyck-O’Neal? Here’s What You Must Know.

Dyck-O’Neal, a nationwide collector and servicer of deficiency judgments on mortgage promissory notes has rolled out an aggressive legal campaign to collect deficiencies on foreclosed homeowners in northeast Florida. Many unsuspecting homeowners thinking their foreclosures were a thing of the past and that life has moved on may be dumbfounded when served with a lawsuit threatening to collect thousands of dollars from them. Fannie Mae is just one of the lenders using Dyck-O’Neal.

If Dyck-O’neal or any other company has sued you to collect on a mortgage deficiency do not ignore it! Failure to take action may result in a judgment and possible garnishment of your bank accounts or wages. Your best bet is to contact an attorney knowledgeable of your options. Parker & DuFresne, P.A. has been involved in hundreds of foreclosures and can help you with a deficiency lawsuit. Our consultations are free.

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