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Will My Business Bankruptcy Affect My Personal Credit?

Business Entity Type

It is essential to examine the structure and entity classification of your business to determine your responsibility for the debt.

Sole Proprietorship

As the sole proprietor of your business, there is legally no financial distinction between you and your business, and you are responsible for all debts owed.

General Partners

If you own a general partnership, you are responsible for all business debt along with the organization, and creditors can report these debts to the credit bureaus under your name. You do, however, have the option to negotiate with creditors, which can be an excellent option for clearing some of your debt.

Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

LLC’s offer more protection to your finances in business bankruptcies than other business entity types, as you are not personally responsible for any business debts.

Other Factors That Determine Personable Responsibility

Aside from entity classification, it’s also vital to examine business taxes and personal guarantee debts.

Personal Guarantee

A personal guarantee means that you are agreeing to be responsible for repaying the business debt. Some creditors require these guarantees to be signed before extending credit to a business, and in business bankruptcy, this means that these debts will affect your credit score.

Business Taxes

Taxes that you collect from sales or employee salaries must be paid to the government, or you will be personally responsible for them. This means any resulting tax lien for unpaid taxes would severely affect your credit score in business bankruptcy.

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