Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL

Businesses, partnerships, and even individuals can file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

So, if you and your company are looking for relief from creditors and overwhelming debt, the lawyers at Parker & DuFresne will formulate a plan to deal with and control your financial obligations.

Chapter 11 is the best chapter of bankruptcy to file if your company is viable with some debt restructuring.

Parker & DuFresne of Jacksonville will help you formulate your business decisions and represent you as your expert bankruptcy lawyers.

Chapter 11 can be ideal because, with court approval, the business can remain open and operational during the bankruptcy process.

So, in the event of mismanagement or a change in ownership, filing bankruptcy could be the best choice for your company.

With our team of Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyers, the complex and formal nature of this filing can be made accessible.

Likewise, our attorneys will provide counsel and help you navigate the demands of your bankruptcy trustee and any adverse creditor committees.

Chapter 11 Steps

Chapter 11 can be a valuable tool for those trying to overcome debt.

For instance, it deploys a designated road map designed to keep your business humming.

Likewise, it pays off some or all debt to creditors as well as possibly lower secured debt to fair value.

Though businesses are the usual debtors in this type of bankruptcy, any person whose income exceeds the Chapter 7 limits and has debt levels exceeding Chapter 13 limits should talk to our attorneys about the options a chapter 11 bankruptcy may offer.

Preparation Instructions

The attorneys at Parker & DuFresne will explain what documentation, information, and bank records you will need to bring with you to your consultation.

Questions or Concerns?

Before your consultation, visit our FAQ page to learn more about filing bankruptcy Chapter 11.

DISCLAIMER – This bankruptcy overview is not an exhaustive review of bankruptcy law in Florida. Do not regard nor rely upon this as legal opinion applicable to all circumstances. Each case is different and requires individual advice. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us to schedule a consultation with our bankruptcy lawyers by calling 904.733.7766 or by completing our online form.