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If you are struggling financially and looking to speak with a Jacksonville bankruptcy lawyer, you’ve come to the perfect place. Mounting debts, imminent foreclosure, and harassing phone calls from creditors are a nightmare. You need the most experienced and knowledgeable attorney in your corner, providing the highest-quality bankruptcy services available.

You will not find a team more qualified in consumer bankruptcy matters than Parker & DuFresne. Our bankruptcy attorneys have a combined 75 years of consumer bankruptcy experience, and we are the highest-rated bankruptcy firm in Northeast Florida. Even though we file more consumer bankruptcies than any other law firm in Jacksonville, we know that every single client requires individualized attention. Our bankruptcy lawyers are easily accessible before, during, and after your bankruptcy, and we’ll answer all questions and address all concerns.

Bankruptcy Lessons Learned

Becoming the most experienced bankruptcy firm in Northeast Florida has taught us a few things in the process. The most important lesson we’ve learned is that bankruptcy only solves half of your financial problem. If you are behind in payments to creditors, your credit score is low because of late payments, charge-offs, foreclosures, and repossessions. Terrible credit is part of the vicious cycle of poverty. People with bad credit pay more for everything, such as cars, houses and credit cards.

Parker & DuFresne’s bankruptcy lawyers are the only holistic bankruptcy law firm in Northeast Florida. We help you eliminate debt through bankruptcy and rebuild your credit through our credit rebuilding program. Most clients experience a complete transformation of their financial health in a couple of years from a bankruptcy filing, whether they file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Another valuable lesson we’ve learned over the years is that people in need of bankruptcy often don’t have the immediate resources to pay for the bankruptcy. That’s why we’ve pioneered bankruptcy fee installment payments. Our Fast File program allows you to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy without paying any fees before filing the case. You only need to cover the actual out-of-pocket costs to get your case filed. Similarly, in Chapter 13, the vast majority of our attorney fees are paid after we file your bankruptcy case.

Helping Through Hard Decisions

Here at Parker & DuFresne, we know that opting to file for bankruptcy is a hard decision to make. When facing financial difficulties, we urge our clients to remember that they can overcome. Bankruptcy is one way for individuals and organizations to recover from financial problems. Our team wants to make sure you understand that you are not alone and that we offer a range of bankruptcy services to help.

Bankruptcy Options

Our bankruptcy lawyers’ goal is to arm you with all the knowledge you need to make the best decision possible and understand how to avoid another financial crisis. While meeting with you to discuss different types of bankruptcy, we’ll gather all information on the debts you owe and any assets you own. Based upon your situation, we’ll go over which of the following bankruptcy options is best for you.

Chapter 7

Consumer and Business Liquidation

A Chapter 7 liquidation case is the most common way to eliminate debt in bankruptcy. Chapter 7 generally most appropriate for those who are current with their mortgage payments but who are struggling with unsecured debts such as medical bills or credit card debt. A person must wait eight years between Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings. If it has been less than eight years since your last bankruptcy, you can still file a Chapter 13. Chapter 7 can also be used by businesses, serving a way to end the life of a corporation that owes more money than the value of its assets. See how our bankruptcy lawyers can help you with your Chapter 7 filing.

Chapter 11

Business Reorganization

Businesses and corporations usually fall under Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Individuals can file Chapter 11 if their debts exceed the Chapter 13 debt limits. Like Chapter 13, Chapter 11 allows a business to restructure debt so that its income meets its outflow. It is ideal for a company that generates enough income to be cash-flow positive if its debt is restructured into smaller monthly payments. The business continues to operate during the restructuring process, and once a Plan of Reorganization Plan is confirmed, the bankruptcy case typically closes until the plan is completed. A wide range of factors, including business mismanagement and economic conditions, is often the root cause of financial instability.

Chapter 13

Consumer Reorganization

Chapter 13 is similar to Chapter 11, but it is specifically for consumers needing to restructure their monthly obligations to make ends meet without losing their home or car. In Chapter 13, car payments can be drastically lowered. For instance, if you currently owe $20,000 on a car loan at 24% interest (not uncommon if you have bad credit), your car payment is probably around $600. In Chapter 13, that same car loan will cost $377 per month.

Credit Rebuilding

Rebuilding After Bankruptcy

Most bankruptcy lawyers merely help you file your case, and the support stops there. At Parker & DuFresne, we know that bankruptcy is just part of the solution. We take you beyond the bankruptcy by implementing a proven strategy for rebuilding your credit after your bankruptcy case is complete. This program, which usually costs $1,000, is provided to our clients for no additional fee. See how our bankruptcy lawyers go above and beyond to help you rebuild your credit.

Student Debt

A growing issue across the country has been student loan debt. In Florida alone, there are more than 2.4 million residents saddled with education debt. Bankruptcy is a natural response to becoming buried in debt, but it has been consistently difficult to navigate around this financial burden. The US Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida has recently implemented a new Student Loan Management Program to alleviate student loan stress across much of Florida. With the right team at your back, we can break the cycle of loan payments.

Bankruptcy Process

The bankruptcy process starts with a petition that is filed by the debtor, where they list all assets and debts. Certain exemptions are allowed that will protect the debtor’s property. Debtors are allowed a certain number of exemptions, and if they are over that limit, the non-exempt assets are considered the property of the bankruptcy estate. If there is “bankruptcy estate property,” it hardly ever means “losing your assets.” Instead, debtors usually work out monthly payments to the trustee to “buy back” their non-exempt assets.

Questions or Concerns?

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DISCLAIMER – This bankruptcy overview is not an exhaustive review of bankruptcy law in Florida. Do not regard nor rely upon this as legal opinion applicable to all circumstances. Each case is different and requires individual advice. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us to schedule a consultation with our bankruptcy lawyers by calling 904.733.7766 or by completing our online form.






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