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Our Jacksonville attorneys focus on putting you at ease and explaining every situation thoroughly and clearly. With services ranging from bankruptcy to family law, we know each client, and every situation is different.

The attorneys of Parker & DuFresne don’t just work with you; we work for you.

Here are just a few comments from our satisfied clients, and we encourage you to check any of the major attorney rating websites for the hundreds of positive reviews from our past clients.

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A Positive Approach at a Difficult Time

Left me feeling at ease.

I was provided with a free consultation and was given great advice. I would definitely recommend Chip Parker to anyone who needs assistance with financial law.


Bankruptcy- great attorney

My experience with this law firm was great, considering the circumstances. Right from the beginning everyone was helpful and continued to be during the whole process. Every step of the way was thoroughly explained and I was kept informed with emails. All my questions were answered right away and everyone was always accessible. I thank you for the wonderful service provided by you and your staff and thanks for making this situation as easy as possible. I highly recommend you when talking to people and to anyone looking for a great attorney.



Chip and his staff were excellent with providing with the proper service in handling my bankruptcy.



From the moment I made the initial call to the last email I received I have had nothing but a great experience. Bree was so helpful and calmed me when I got overwhelmed and Debbie was amazing in all she did to walk me through the process. She eased my mind so many times and she put up with me and my anxiety.
This was a first for me, I never imagined in a million years I’d be filling for divorce much less bankruptcy years later. You and your office helped me step by step and for that I THANK YOU! Your office will always come highly recommended.


Excellent Service

Received help full information. Fast response time to return phone calls.


Excellent Service

Chip’s law firm helped me through the bankruptcy process with ease. The staff was always willing to answer questions and ensured that their answers were provided in a timely manner. A great firm to represent you.


Why Chip and his team are the way to go

Bankruptcy can be scary and stressful but it doesn’t have to be. Upon our initial meeting I could tell that Chip Parker and his team were the right choice for me. I just an average guy who doesn’t understand legalese and Chip’s staff took their time in explaining everything to me slowly and carefully. They explained my rights, the timeframe and worked with me on payments to make sure the process was smooth. At the end of the day I have Chip’s team to thank for the great service in ensuring my bankruptcy was handled diligently and correctly.


Made the stigma of bankruptcy easier to deal with

The worst part (in my personal experience) of bankruptcy was dealing with the trustee. I get that the process shouldn’t be easy or everyone would do it but my trustee was difficult to deal with from day one, okay actually day two. He was nice on day one and on the last day of month 60. Parker & Dufresne were the buffer I needed between me and my trustee whenever things became difficult. At one point, my trustee petitioned the court to have my case dismissed. Parker & Dufresne stepped in and saved the day. I wouldn’t wish bankruptcy on my worst enemy but if it’s your only option, you MUST have a competent and compassionate attorney that will manage the process for you every step of the way. Parker & Dufresne is that attorney. I highly recommend them to anyone who may be considering bankruptcy as a financial option.


Chapter 13 and Foreclosure defense

Chip and his team did an excellent job for us, during a difficult time. His firm handled our foreclosure defense and Chapter 13 needs. As owners of multiple businesses our cases were likely more complicated than most and everything is now resolved to our satisfaction. I’ve already referred people to Chip and will continue to do so.


Chip Parker and Parker & DuFresne Law Firm

Mr. Parker and Mr. DuFresne along with their staff went the full mile to help my wife and I through some tough financial difficulties. They take great pride in doing what thy do and I would recommend them to anyone.


Foreclosure is never is easy

Chip has given my father and I excellent advice in dealing with a foreclosure that has resulted in sleepless nights an endless worries. We are very excited with the options Chip has provided. Excellent communicator and great to work with.


Chip Parker…Very Helpful!!

My husband and I scheduled a consultation with Chip this week to discuss options with our current situation. Chip informed us that bankruptcy may not be the best solution for us at this point and instead referred us to someome else who may be able to help. Chip is very courteous and professional and explains things in plain english and is very straight forward, which we appreciate and although we haven’t officially retained him, as we are folllwing his advice, he even offered to help us along the way if we had any questions and we can’t think him enough!


Very Happy with Chip Parker & His Staff

I hired Parker and Dufresne to handle my Chapter 7 after having done research about how to handle my financial situation. After talking with Chip Parker, I realized that Chapter 13 was much better for my case, and went with his advice (which turned out to be a winning strategy).

I like that he will sit, talk, and explain things in plain English. But I especially like that he will also questions in email. That gives you something to refer back to months later when you need to remember some important point about the law, or your case, and your sketchy notes aren’t clear on whatever the issue was.

In addition, the staff was also very responsive, courteous, and professional. If you end up needing someone to handle your bankruptcy I can’t imagine finding someone better.


Chip Parker

I had a problem with flood insurance. The rates were more than my mortgage and I was going to default on my loan. I hated bankruptcy but sometimes there is no choice. Parkers firm gave me precise information, told me what I need to do and today I have a fair credit rating and peace of mind. I recommend his firm to anyone in a financial crisis. He has an excellent and knowledgeable staff.

Dan Smith

Chip Parker

I took a very complex problem to Chip, and he spent a generous amount of time outlining specific options.
Chip has an amazing ability to grasp the important issues and quickly narrow down the key points.
He is the best person to have on your side.


Fantastic Attorney with amazing client skills!

I did a tremendous amount of research when selecting an attorney. Chip was very cordial, professional and most importantly transparent in his communications and overall expectations.


Chip Parker

Mr. Parker did a great job for us dealing with an on going legal issue. He communicated very well, and the end result was a mortgage modification which was granted after years of tireless efforts on his part. His entire team was outstanding. We could not have achieved our goals without his expert guidance. Thank you Chip Parker!


Very pleased

I came to Chip for help with my chapter 13 bankruptcy. He was very informative and he and his staff helped me through the whole process. They have always been there for me whenever I had any questions or issues. I would definitely recommend him. Thank you, Mr. Parker, for all your help.


Settlement Claim

I hired Chip Parker to help with a legal financial matter. He and his office worked quickly to get my side of the case ready to present to opposing counsel. His knowledge and professionalism helped procure desired settlement terms. He was always very accessible and responsive. I would recommend Chip to anyone who is in need of an attorney to help with any financial disputes.


Bank Workout/Bankruptcy

Chip did an excellent job for us dealing with our bankruptcy and working with the bank holding our mortgage to stop foreclosure proceedings. His expertise was instrumental in helping us sell our home on our terms and move on with life after the recession.


The Best Law Firm in Jacksonville

Can not say enough about this firm. Had to file chapter 7. It was very hard to do and very embarrassing. But this firm treated me so very kind. They always has an answer for my question. Always returned my calls. Cannot give them all enough Praise. Thank You . D.Lane

Diane Lane

A great experience

Mr. Parker did an outstanding job explaining the law to me and my current position and what would be in my best interest. Mr. Parker did not rush the conversation and made me feel 100% better about my position…


Excellent lawyer, very responsive

Chip and his team were excellent from start to finish, with our Chapter 13. The process was stressful, but every time we had a question, Chip or someone from his team would respond right away with reassurance. I had a quick question recently (several years after our Chap 13 was successfully discharged) and Chip responded via email immediately. Highly recommended.



When our mortgage company was giving us the run around Chip and his team made everything a breeze! It was nice to have someone fighting for us.


Five Star Service

It’s difficult to express how satisfied I am with Parker & Dufresne. It’s not something that can be summed up in a paragraph, but at the same time, the overall experience can characterized in a few words; five star service. Unlike the difficulty of summarizing my experience in the limited fields, P&D made my overall experience as simple as possible. There wasn’t much for me to do and I felt secure the entire time. I’m skeptical of perfection and with that my expectations of the outcome in my case wasn’t something I could have fathomed.

From the consultation to the moment I walked out of their office for the last time, I became a believer that some things may be perfect. Like I said before, five star service is what I sought after and is was what I received. I felt like David vs. Goliath, I was on the precipice of forfeit as the odds against me were overwhelming. I didn’t give up and looked for the best. P&D was fortunately the rock that downed Goliath and I am grateful for every opportunity to work with them in resolving my case. Don’t cry in a corner, get up and fight. There is help with Parker & Dufresne; so let them fight for you.

Posted by Seth on Avvo.com

When a plan is executed to perfection

After my first consult with Mr. Parker I left with a feeling of confidence in his ability to help me resolve my situation. The plan was executed letter perfect and everything happened exactly as he said it would. Anyone in a situation requiring the services his firm provides can feel confident that they will work diligently to help you in a dignified and professional manner.

 Posted by Wesley on Avvo.com


Chip Parker autographs his work with excellence. Finding an attorney with real integrity in today’s world of law is not an easy task. Chip believes in balancing the scale of Justice and removes the blind fold so the injustices are clearly seen. Thanks for all the good you and your firm achieve.

Posted by Joy on Avvo.com

No Words Can Explain!

The law firm of Parker and DuFresne defended my wife and I against a predatory collection agency which was looking to collect on a disputable debt that was more than five years old. From the beginning, Mr. Parker and his team were diligent in making sure that we were informed about the entire process and what it would take to successfully defend us. The overall fee to handle the case was more than reasonable and there were no surprises in regards to additional costs.

The gentleman that we communicated with frequently (Austin Brown) was absolutely a pleasure to work with and was more than thorough when it came to relaying information and discussing options. As a result of the firm’s hard work, we achieved a successful outcome. No words can explain the debt of gratitude that we owe Mr. Parker, Mr. Brown, and the rest of the Parker & Dufrense team for their efforts!

Posted by Baron on Avvo.com

Glad we hired Chip!

Chip and his team were true professionals and really helped us out in a very difficult time. He knew the answers to all of our complicated questions and responded quickly. Without his experience and expertise, we would not have been able to get back on our feet financially. He and his team know what they are doing and are worth every penny. Chip is the best in town and came highly recommended. I would not hesitate to hire him again…but hope we never have to.

 Posted by Chris on Avvo.com

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