How Much Does It Cost to File a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Typically, Parker & DuFresne, P.A. charges an attorney fee of $2,250 to represent a debtor in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy from beginning to end.

This fee can vary, either upward or downward, depending on your individual financial circumstances.

Our File Fast option allows you to pay only costs of $400 ($430 for joint) prior to filing your case. This includes a filing fee, credit report, and credit counseling.

Upon filing, you will execute an agreement to pay $250 per month for 9 consecutive months.

This payment is made by automatic deduction from your designated bank account.

We also have a Discounted Option, where you can save $500 if you pay the entire attorney fees of $1,750 plus $400 ($430 for joint) in costs prior to filing.

If you pay up-front, we save the cost of monitoring monthly payments, and we pass that savings on to you.

Since we know that bankruptcy is just part of the solution, we also we implement a proven strategy for rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy.

This program, which normally cost $1,000, is provided to our clients for no additional fee.

Fees and costs subject to change without notice. Please contact us for details at 904-733-7766.

File Fast Bankruptcy

Can I Pay My Chapter 7 Attorney’s Fee in Installments?

Historically, judges have required debtors to pay their entire attorney fee prior to filing.

Judges have determined that a lawyer who collects any part of his fee after the bankruptcy filing is attempting to collect a pre-bankruptcy debt that is automatically included in the bankruptcy.

This has caused undue hardship on many consumers who need to file right away but do not have the entire attorney fee available.

HOWEVER, based upon a ruling by a local bankruptcy judge, Parker & DuFresne is now offering an option to consumers to file a bankruptcy even before the bankruptcy attorney fee is paid.

Do I Have to Qualify for the Installment Option?

Yes, you do, but it’s easy.

You just have to provide proof of employment or receipt of other regular monthly income. And you must have a bank account.

You must also authorize us to withdraw the monthly installment from that account.

Do I Have to Select the Installment Option?

No, you can pay our entire attorney fee prior to filing the Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

If you choose to pay the entire fee prior to filing, we will give you a $500 discount.

Why? Because it costs us less money to monitor a bankruptcy case without monthly payments, and we pass that savings along to you.

Do You Offer an Installment Option for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Yes, we do. The Bankruptcy Code allows a debtor to pay attorney fees after the Chapter 13 bankruptcy is filed.

So, we have very flexible options for the payment of Chapter 13 attorney fees.

What Are the Other Costs to Be Paid Prior to Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

You must provide your last three years of tax returns to the Chapter 7 Trustee who will oversee your case.

If you do not want to track down your complete tax returns for the last three tax years, we can do it for you at no additional charge! You must pay only the $13 charge by the IRS to order a tax transcript directly from them.

This will substitute the need to find all those tax returns.

In summary, you can get your Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed for as little as $400 in costs, with no up-front attorney fees!